Attend the Holy Defense Exhibition

Opening of the exhibition on the occasion of Holy Defense Week with the presence of Amber Night Engineering Technical Company

According to Tasnim news agency in Qom, Colonel Ahmad Bitarfan this afternoon in a press conference held in the meeting hall of Ayatollah Saeedi building, while condoling the days of Muharram and the captivity of the family of Imam Hussein (AS), the symmetry of these days with Holy Defense Week is very important and sensitive He enumerated and said: “Holy Defense Week is to honor the martyrs and people who have brought victory and honors to Islam and Iran in the eight years of holy defense.”

He said that this year, as in previous years, programs will be held throughout the country to commemorate this week, adding: In Qom province, according to previous years, military, cultural, educational and other programs that are reminiscent of eight years of holy defense will be held.

The Deputy Commander of the IRGC, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS), pointing out that September 22 is the day of authority and capability of the Armed Forces, said: The parade of the Armed Forces, exemplary units and mobile companies with a speech by Ayatollah A’rafi on Sunday, September 22 from 8:30 to 10:00 It will be held on the Boulevard of the Great Prophet (PBUH).

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